Usb installation

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Usb installation

Postby wered6 » Fri May 21, 2010 11:55 pm

yea is there a way to get this installed onto a flash drive or an external hard drive, i don't have a super drive so i cant burn the iso file, anyone able help? please reply in English or Auf Deutsch.
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RE: Usb installation

Postby mandog » Tue May 25, 2010 10:52 pm

If you are on windows you can use this to install to a usb/flash drive in Linux use this ... 2/download Its also in the repro.
You can then do a full install from the the flash drive.
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Postby eco2geek » Thu May 27, 2010 8:48 am

Some notes on this.

First off, how much is your time worth to you? Rather than spending your time getting this to work, you could buy a Parsix CD from one of the many Linux distro CD vendors out there.

Next, if you've ever used the USB key you're planning on using to boot another distro in the past - for example, if you've used it with Ubuntu's live USB creator - then erased the files off it, you may need to repartition and reformat it in order to get rid of the old version of syslinux.

Third, UNetbootin is a great way to install syslinux, the Parsix kernel and initrd to the USB key, and make your USB key bootable. But that in and of itself won't allow you to boot Parsix. In order to do that, you're also going to need to copy the Parsix ISO to your USB key. Rename it to "parsix.iso".

You'll also need to know the "name" of your USB key under Linux (is it sdb? sdc? sdd?). Then press the "Tab" key at the UNetbootin command line and add the following parameters:

boot=parsix fromhd=/dev/sdc1 fromiso=/dev/sdc1/parsix.iso lang=us vga=791 nointro

...assuming, that is, that your USB key is at /dev/sdc under Linux. (Mine is at /dev/sdc because I've got two hard drives.)

It works; I'm posting from Parsix 3.5 running entirely from a USB stick now. But you see what I mean when I ask, how much is your time worth?
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Postby antman » Wed Jun 02, 2010 4:00 pm

First I tried just plain Unetbootin, but the resulting USB stick would not boot correctly. Then I saw eco2geek's post regarding the fromiso steps and that worked. :lol:

Now I was able to install it onto my sub-notebook (doesn't have a CD/DVDrom) so I can fully test Parsix.

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