Test of 3.7 Raul in linuxbsdos

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Test of 3.7 Raul in linuxbsdos

Postby jerry525 » Sat Aug 20, 2011 11:25 pm

This is the first test I have seen so far. It is pretty scathing about the installer and critical of the security features but the conclusion is positive.
Personally I don't mind the installer but I have to agree it would be very off-putting to a beginner.

One thing I think Parsix does not advertize well enough is its stability coupled with gnome desktop. I would put a line in the Distrowatch description saying it's based on Debian's Stable (Squeeze). I cannot find another distro like Parsix - squeeze & Gnome based with excellent English Language (& of course Persian language) support. So it has a lot going for it!
Regards, Jerry
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