Strange Fn keys behaviour!

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Strange Fn keys behaviour!

Postby AmiNimA » Thu Sep 13, 2012 12:20 am

I have parsix 3.6 installed on my eeepc 1215n. but with lots of configurations.

parsix Kernel: 2.6.37-6

When I add acpi_osi=Linux to the grub kernel line and boot parsix, I get almost necessary Fn keys working. But there is a strange behaviour in mute(F10) and wireless(F2) buttons. I must push Fn+F10 (or F2) multiple times to make their function enable!!! for example I must push Fn+F2 three or 4 or even more times to turn on wireless.
and when I remove acpi_osi=Linux, I don't have this problem. but some of my Fn keys does not work. and bluetooth device cannot be recognized.

I've installed eeepc-acpi scripts to make Fn keys work properly. It's not eeepc scripts, even if I uninstall it, the problem remains. It's all about acpi_osi=Linux, I think!
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