Parsix 4 Gloria w/Mate?

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Parsix 4 Gloria w/Mate?

Postby zektor » Wed Oct 17, 2012 4:30 am

I love Parsix, I really do. I have been running Raul for some time now, and it works great. I tried the Gloria test the other day, and man, is Gnome 3 a mess. I have tried it in some other distros, and no matter what, at some given point the GUI just freezes. Complete lockup. My system is not old. I am running an i5 2500k, Asus P8P67 Pro rev 3.1 board, GTX 460, 16GB memory...etc. It works perfectly in any desktop environment EXCEPT Gnome 3. Even if it did run fine...I have my own opinion about Gnome 3...but that is beside the point :)

Parsix is just such a great distro and it works great with Gnome 2. It only makes sense to move forward with the release and at least add the option for a Mate version of the latest Parsix distro. Just an idea (that I hope becomes a reality!) Thanks for listening!
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Re: Parsix 4 Gloria w/Mate?

Postby Flebber » Wed Oct 17, 2012 5:44 am

I know it's not mate but you can now use cinammon .
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