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Postby IntelEMT64 » Tue Nov 20, 2012 10:51 pm


This message is appearing at the top of my screen.

Vga=791 is deprecated. Use gfxpayload=1024X768X16

Nvidia drivers have been correctly installed and my card is outputting the proper resolution for my monitor.
Confirmed in Gnome System Settings as well as Nvidia control panel to be 1280 X 720 X 32.

However when I downloaded and installed Google Earth amd64.deb it responded with a caution triangle that my system was running at 1024X768.

GoogleEarth came up legible however the Globe along with its functions did not.

Thank You
Supermicro,4 GB,2x Xeon/800mhz fsb,Intel 7520 chipset.
Nvidia 8400 video,512 ram, PCIe X1 interface.
LSI SCSI U320 controller, PCI-X interface.
ASUS wireless with ra2860 chipset, PCIe X1 interface.
ASUS DS sound card, PCI 2.1 interface.
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