Frankie is a winner

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Frankie is a winner

Postby black » Tue Jul 20, 2010 3:26 am

Hey all,

-Saw a review 3 days ago and grabbed parsix_3.5r0-i386.iso, thought I'd give it a whirl as was looking for something other than, linuxmint-9 or Peppermint-One, preferably not "ubuntu-like", that runs a compiled "FlightGear-2.0.0", adequately, on a 4-5 year-old 'nix box. Hardware:

Intel-Prescott 3.0 ghz, multithreaded
ATI X800XT pcie graphics
Corsair DDR2, 1 gb
Asus P4GPL-X mb
WD-1TB black
Sony BRAVIA 40", hdtv used as monitor, DVI-D to HDMI

-Once burned to DVD, installed to a clean, pre-prepped partition, with grub2 in partition. Then tried to boot-up, but grub-legacy couldn't see the partition. Recalled that install was formatting (ext3) that partition and assumed it formatted with a different "inode-size", so, fired up the DVD, ran a repair, this time, automatic install of grub2 to MBR.

-Used that grub2 setup for several days but found it wouldn't boot a special distro on my hardrive, so re-installed grub-legacy to mbr, and all was sunshine again, leaving "Frankie" out in the cold. Well, did a magic-copy of Frankie to another partition, now frankie and senior-grub play nicely together!

-The special distro above is in fact "kanotix-2006-rc4", which remains my standard, the yardstick with which I measure other distros against, and so far, few have come close. Appears "Frankie" is a winner, with its "kanotix-like feel" and other subjective kanotix-like attributes, not to mention an additional 500 fps (glxgears), from 2900+ fps (above mint distros), to 3400+ fps on Frankie, with FlightGear-2.0.0 running all the drivers even, no fglrx!

-Was bummed recently that debian-squeeze/sid doesn't run FlightGear well at all...suspect the "xorg-version", similar or identical on Frankie and the 2 -mint*-distros may be the issue but, whatever, Fankie has my attention now, so "bye" to those ubuntu-derivatives,

-No choice on install formatting.
-No volume control except for alsamixer (cli), no /dev/mixer either.
-No apparent way of setting dpi in gnome (not a gnome user).
-Slow gnome loading and response accessing apps.
-No choice in "repair" for grub2 install placement.

-A heck of a lot of squinting during install due to small font-size, my old eyes ain't as they use to be. Since I generally avoid heavy dms in favor of fluxbox anyway, most of the cons are only an annoyance. Except, if had a choice on the formatting part, may have saved some cofig time on setting up properly for use.

-Very good overall feel and familiarity.
-My prefered apps work as expected (many oldies).
-Bootups that hide/mangle pertinent info may hide problems.
-FlightGear simulator does well, hi-tech games should do even better, my limiting, older hardware not withstanding.
-Easy fish...errr...easy Frankie for an old-dirthead like me to fall into.

-Would normally start tossing stuff I don't ever use (like gnome), but, in this case, think will just leave all as is and run my preferred apps and such...seems this o/s is carrying the extra weight just fine. Good to see a modern vlc and gimp in place also. BTW, the antique-metal-clock wallpaper shows off very well on the desktop, reminds me of guilding on antique-firearms, nice touch.

-Pardon my excessiveness, just wanted to thank the "parsix folks" for a very nice effort...this is definitely a keeper! Thank You!

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RE: Frankie is a winner

Postby mahdif62 » Sun Jul 25, 2010 12:17 pm

Nice review! I do agree that "Slow gnome loading and response accessing apps" is the biggest problem of this fantastic distro. Parsix used to be snappier before. I hope Alan won't sacrifice speed and responsiveness for anything.
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