installing parsix to usb without burning a dvd

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installing parsix to usb without burning a dvd

Postby apogourde » Tue Nov 01, 2011 1:21 pm


trying parsix-2usb on my debian system do not works. It keep saying "E: requires distro-defaults"
whatever i give for arguments... even "#parsix-2usb -t" replies the same. my key is formated ext2
and is /dev/sdb : i tried /dev/sdb, also /media/whereitismounted, no way out.

since several years, i'm used to replace the dvd burning routine with usb-key copying for distro testing and installation : i ususally do a first try with unetbootin (started from a debian based distro, for instance debian-testing, or aptosid, or similar), knowing that :

key is partitionned as follow :
1st partition ext2 named bootpart size around 1.5 Go (boot flag) mounted as /media/bootpart
2nd partition ext2 named datak size around 2.5 Go mounted as /media/datak

i also have extlinux (or latest syslinux package wich contains syslinux and extlinux
version above 4.x) and mbr package installed

bootpart is freshly formated and blank (contains a "lost&found" folder, period)
usually this works fine with unetbootin...

if unetbootin gives me trouble, wich happens sometimes, i do the following :

#mount -o loop dist-to-test.iso /media/loopdirectory
#cp -r /media/loopdirectory /media/bootpart (this is where the first partition of key is mounted, adapt to your needs)
#cd /media/bootpart
#cd /media/bootpart/where/isolinux/is/installed (often /media/bootpart/boot/isolinux)
#cp isolinux.cfg extlinux.conf
#extlinux -i /media/bootpart//where/isolinux/is/installed (often /media/bootpart/boot/isolinux)
#note that extlinux tells you where it was going (for instance "/media/bootpart/boot/isolinux is dev/sdb1")
#install-mbr /dev/sdb (as for the above case where sdb1 was asserted -> sdb1 is on /dev/sdb)

i usually (with most distros) have no problems...

sometimes it fails. With Parsix it fails : i have the message telling failed to detect live media ...
i've tried several tricks no success (movin parsix image, etc)

as i cannot (and wantnot) burning dvd or cd i request the advice of the community : is parsix condemned to
be started only from a dvd or virtual machine ??? do anybody have a workaround ? Why unetbootin or my own manual way do not working ? why is the world so cruel ??? would usbkey booting start working when usbkey become obsolete ???

hope to read more advices thanks,

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Re: installing parsix to usb without burning a dvd

Postby alan » Tue Nov 01, 2011 10:23 pm


Basically you need to install these to packages to be able to run the usb installer on your debian system: ... .7_all.deb ... .2_all.deb

Also you need tuxonice-userui: ... ce-userui/

Get the 32 or 64 bit from the link above.

Let me know how it goes.

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