Parsix 4.0r0 as guest VM no WiFi no Swedish lang...

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Parsix 4.0r0 as guest VM no WiFi no Swedish lang...

Postby RastaMon » Tue Dec 11, 2012 9:42 pm

I tried to install parsix_4.0r0-amd64.iso as a VMWare guest using VMPlayer 5.0.1 build-894247 on Windows 7 host on my Dell Latitude E6500 with 8 GB RAM and 250 GB SSD, Intel WiFi Link 5100 AGN and Nvidia graphic. I used BRIDGE option for network, 20 GB virtual disc (18 GB ext4 and 2 GB swap) and 2GB RAM.

1- VMWare Player didn't recognize the iso so I had to select Debian 6 manually.

2- The WiFi adapter was not found
Tried to update and install wireless-tools and iwlwifi according to instructions for Testing/Wheezy
Actually I spent few hours on this and somehow I had internet connection in the guest. Strange but interesting since it had got a new IP from my wireless router (hmm... who gave it SSID and passwd?)
I checked Network Manager and noticed it thinks it is connected via Wired Connection (eth0) which I didn't have. My laptop was not using Ethernet cable, it was on Wireless connection on the host (w7). I was confused and I installed another linux guest, this time Ubuntu 12.10 and it was the same! I searched more and finally found out that it was the VMWare Player 5.x issue. (I never had this problem before using older versions).
NOTE. This was not a Parsix problem but I wrote here as well since people might get same problem.)

3- No Swedish Language
I added swedish keyboard but I couldn't add Lanuage for Sweden (swedish) while Danish/Denmark and Norwegian/Norway were in the list and could be selected. I couldn't find swedish "Formats" either (second tab, between Language and Layouts). I could select swedish as keyboard layout in 3.d tab Layouts and moved up as the first choice.

4- Manually change input language after each login
Every time I logged in I had to click on input language (info bar, upper right corner) several times to change from english (en) to get swedish input (sv) even though I had swedish input as the first choice, then english, persian and finally persian with persian keyboard.

Thank you
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